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Michaela Katharina Nahler - Geschäftsführerin HBH Coaching

Michaela Katharina Nahler - Managing Director HBH Coaching

Mag. Phil., MSc., BSc.

How did I come to be interested in coaching?

I graduated with an University degree in Educational Sciences, with a focus on horse-assisted remediation. Based on the working experiences made during my position as a remediation teacher, and the strong desire to prevent or cure physical and mental disabling or life-threatening disorders, I graduated in Biomedical Sciences and Analytics. While pursuing my career working in pharmaceutical research and development, I discovered my passion for lifelong learning and continuous growth. In particular, this means to me to unfold potential, to uncover existing and develop new opportunities, for individuals, managers and teams in companies. Hence, change is the key to live and create the future in a successful and sustainable way.

I became a coach because I myself had reached a dead end, and I needed professional help to give me the power to overcome this situation. Coaching gave me the opportunity to understand myself better and to activate my strengths and skills, to use them in a future-oriented and success-oriented way.

All in all, I have personally experienced what coaching means: help for self-help. I am convinced that each one of us carries the answers to difficulties. The answers just need to be awakened and formulated.

What moved me to become a coach?

Horses and sports have always been a fascination in my life. By finding my own way out of a bad situation, I was extremely excited and incredibly rewarded. By understanding myself, I've seen how much easier I can achieve something (such as a leadership position I've always wanted to be in) and that's really important to me as it has made a huge difference to my life.

I am unbelievably excited to be with others and to see people break out of unfavorable situations and go new ways, whether this was for themselves, as leaders or in teams.

As a competitive athlete, I can even better support sports teams (for example, a handball team of the 2.German Handball Bundesliga) when it comes to integrating new players.

Coaching mit Michaela Katharina Nahler

What is special about my concept?

Coaching with a horse is an extension to the normal coaching - depending on which form of accompaniment you want from me. If it is to be a coaching with the horse, we first approach and try to resolve your potential fears with regard to work with horses. If you are used to contact with animals, it is generally easier for you to approach the animal in a coaching / seminar with the horse. As a customer, you can choose how much time and what sort of interactions, learnings you would like to acquire, i.e. the course will be tailored for your needs.

The horse will react to you and your persona. By the reaction of the horse, which is always in the present and instinctive, you will understand for example "how do I act on others?", "How do I react as a superior under stress?", "How do I communicate with my coworkers?", "How does my team work?", "How do I master new situations?". With the help of my questions you gain new insights. You formulate your very own solutions for the future. Your result is our success.

What makes the crucial difference for you at the end?

You learn by instinct, a gut feeling. You understand yourself more. The horse has a noticeable added value. With the animal you are in a completely different environment: nature, where there are there are different smells, moods and other horses. So you become much more absorbed into your environment which helps you to perceive yourself more clearly. A traditional seminar room or a day in the climbing ropes course can never offer you that.

You have to experience that - let us make a non-binding call now!

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