Coaching with animals

"Animals can circumvent the underlying trust problems that make relationships between people difficult. At every moment, horses and other animals are honest reflections of themselves and of us " (Strozzi)

Why horses?

Tiergestützte Interventionen

Horses are herd and flight animals. They use all their very keen senses to perceive their surroundings because that depends on their well-being and survival. Horses have a highly developed social structure and communicate with each other with a very subtle body language. They feel the need for a clear hierarchy. Horses entrust their lives only to those who appear to be competent. Fear, insecurity or ambiguity in others automatically signals to the horse that in this case it is better to rely on itself. This means that the horse does not take the other person seriously and will not respond to the persons instructions. The reaction of the horse to environmental and social stimuli is always in the present, is direct and truthful.

How a horse supports you:

Unterstützung durch Pferde

The horse reacts to you depending on how you behave. If your behavior changes, you will immediately experience a different reaction from the horse. So the horse helps you to perceive and reflect yourself.  The animal talks with the inner YOU.

You experience your

  • Strengths,
  • unconscious behavior and thought patterns,
  • impediments
  • individuality

How Horse-Based Coaching / Seminars run:

  • We start with a telephone call
  • Exercises with the horse are tailored for your or the participants needs
  • We make a video recording and then reflect on the outcome
  • We transfer the learnings to everyday life
  • Extra coaching when needed

What makes horse-assisted coaching / seminars valuable:

You receive:

  • Feedback from the horse,
  • Feedback from the coach / trainer,
  • Your own assessment based on video recordings and, if required
  • Feedback from the other participants

"Working with horses gives an authentic picture of people" (Ehrismann)

Animal-based seminars are strong on:

  • Perceiving with all the senses (seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling),
  • Self-reflection,
  • Experience,
  • Knowledge which can be aligned and transferred into everyday life

With the animal, a lasting measurable change in behavior is immediately triggered - and thus your growth process.

When does coaching with a horse make sense?

It's about:

Personality & Development - Horse Assisted Life Coaching

"Whoever steps in front of the mirror to change, has already changed" (Seneca)

Your topics:

 ·        Would you like to find out about your strengths and potential?
·         Are you wondering how to carry out your wishes?
·         Do you want to know how to behave and how your actions impact others?
·         Are you wondering how you can better assert yourself?
·         Would you like to know who you are as a person?

For anyone who wants to grow, by attending this course
You receive, for example:
·         improved self-awareness and self-esteem
·         more self-control and assertiveness
·         Improved access to and control of your emotions
·         sharper perception of your behaviors that you exhibit unconsciously
How is this achieved: horse-supported individual exercise, reflection, transfer into everyday life

They bring along: their voluntary participation, curiosity, open-mindedness

Language: German or English

Date, costs, location: by appointment

Duration: approx. 1 h

Enhancing Professional behaviors - Horse-Grown Business Coaching

Your topics:

  • Do you want to have a clearer perception, be more decided and be able to act upon your decisions?  
  • Wondering how you can better handle conflicts?
  • Want to find out how to communicate better?
  • Are you wondering when the right moment to intervene in a situation is?
  • Want to find out how to motivate?
  • Are you in a dead end job?
  • Would you like to reorient yourself?
  • Do you have children or teenagers who are not so clear yet where they want to go?

Target group: this course is tailored especially for team leaders and company executives

You receive, for example:

  • Sharper perception of your outward persona and impact
  • Clarity about your ideas and expectations and how you communicate them
  • Understanding how to motivate your teams and colleagues
  • You will learn how to set boundaries and to preserve them
  • Increased awareness when to move forward and when to hold back, i.e. action versus observation

Methods: horse-assisted individual and group exercises, reflection, transfer observations into practice

Prerequisites: willingness to learn, voluntary participation of the participants

Language: German or English

Date, costs, location: arrange by appointment

Duration: approx. 1h

Leadership Development

"Managers Realize a Vision by Motivating, Directing, Inspiring, Listening to, and motivating Employees" (Goleman / Boyatzis / McKee)

  • Would you like to develop and implement your visions?
  • Are you wondering how your persona comes across to others?
  • Wondering what makes successful leadership?
  • Would you like to know how to relate to others and be an influential person?

These seminars are all about training your social soft skills, such as building trust, respectfulness, acceptance, mutual understanding. By interacting with the animal, you get to know your individual leadership style and can develop, refine and apply it according to the situation.

Team development

"Every team is a group, but not every group is a team" (Kasper, Mayrhofer)

"A team is a small group of people whose skills complement each other and who are committed to: a common cause, shared performance goals, and a shared work effort, and hold each other accountable" (after Katzenbach and Smith)

  • Are you wondering if your team is composed of the right people?
  • Do you want to increase the performance and success of your team?
  • Do you have a new team member?
  • Would you like a mixed team to grow together?
  • Wondering what makes a successful team?

In partnership with the animal you will experience how to act in a team with other people and shape relationships. You will learn what you can apply this in everyday life to secure and increase the success of a team.

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